If you are not putting the tree up immediately, store your tree in a cool, dry place (inside an unheated garage is a good location) or outside out of the sun (under a deck) until you are ready to put the tree up. Do not remove tree wrapping string or netting at this time. You should be able to store the tree for 1 to 2 weeks in a cool dry area out of the wind and sun and not do any damage to the tree.

Your tree should last 3 to 4 weeks inside your home with proper care, but how you treat the tree is the determining factor as to how long it will live. If your tree runs out of water, a fresh cut must be made on the tree to reopen the closed pores. NOTE: Not all trees will drink water, some drink 1 gallon per day, some drink virtually nothing!


• If the tree is frozen or has ice on the branches or is wet in any way, thaw it out slowly and allow it to drip dry somewhere (other than on your carpet).

• Decide on a good placement for the tree. The tree must never be placed in front of an open furnace vent (hot air) nor anywhere near a fireplace or wood stove. Doing so will cause the tree to dry out prematurely.

• If it has been over 1 hour since a fresh cut was made on your tree, then you need to make a new cut on the bottom of the tree (remove 1/2 inch to 1 inch). It's always a good idea to make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree before placing tree in large tree stand.

• Place the tree in a tree stand that is large enough to hold at least one gallon of water.
Never remove the bark to make the tree fit into your stand. The tree can only drink between the bark and the wood,
so if you remove the bark, you also remove the capability for the tree to drink.

• If you purchased a tree bag, you may place it under the tree stand at this time.

• Pour water into the tree stand and maintain this level throughout the Christmas season. THE TREE SHOULD NEVER BE WITHOUT WATER! Use warm to hot water for the first watering to help open the pores in the tree.

• Remove the string or netting around the tree.

• Turn the tree so that you can view the best side.

• Decorate tree. It is important that you put properly working lights on your tree.

• Put a tree skirt or a sheet around the base of the tree to protect carpet from sap.

• Check for freshness weekly by bending a green needle with your fingers to see if the needle snaps or bends. If it bends without snapping, the tree is still fresh. Don't panic if you hear cracking sounds during the night, the pine cones on the tree may open in your warm home.

• After Christmas, remove the tree and either place it on the curb for the city to chop into woodchips, or stand it up in the back yard as a winter shelter for birds.


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