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Christmas Tree Farms

Within this website, you will find information about where to purchase a real Christmas tree, both retail and wholesale within the United States, Canada and more. You will also find songs, stories, and traditions for reading and sharing. If you are looking for just the right gift for that special someone, check our online shopping network, the Christmas Tree Shop, for hundreds of gift ideas, decorations and special touches for the holiday season.

This is the most complete online directory of retail and wholesale Christmas tree farms in the USA.

If you are looking for a local tree farm, use our recently updated online directory and find a special place to begin your family's Christmas tradition this year. Our directory provides information about each farm, including types of trees for sale and any special features the farm offers, such as gift shops, sleigh rides, Santa visits, and more. Also there is a map on each state showing location of retail farms in that state. These farmers are located locally and their product absorbs carbon dioxide and other gases and emit fresh oxygen to help all of us prevent the greenhouse effect.

The photo on this page was from my own 50 acre tree farm I operated for over 20 years. I planted all trees by hand using a planting bar one seedling at a time. Each seedling was aligned row by row using survey equipment so all rows would be straight, which is very important when mowing between rows for the next 7 to 10 years.

State maps of tree farm locations have been recently updated to the newest technology and new farmers and changes added daily.

Featured in USA Today Nov 18, 1996 issue
Featured in Successful Farming Magazine December, 1996 issue
Better Homes and Gardens book "Christmas from the Heart" 1996

Featured Picture Story LIFE Magazine - Dec 1998 (2 full pages)
Feature story on CNN News
Article in Time Magazine
CBS Morning TV Show Thursday Dec 16, 2010
Feature "Christmas Tree Buying 101"
Numerous Local TV News Stations

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